When it comes to uptime and performance, every part is critical and Genuine Volvo Parts have been developed, tested, and approved to bring out the very best results in your Volvo machine. Genuine Volvo Parts are a solid investment in your machine’s future. The superior quality and durability of Genuine Volvo Parts deliver the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and lower operating costs over the lifetime of the machine.

The extensive range includes Genuine Volvo Maintenance Parts, Genuine Volvo Repair and Reman Parts, Genuine Volvo Wear Parts, Retrofit Options and Accessories – all backed by the extensive Volvo warranty.



High quality filters are vital for securing the long-term performance of your machine. They provide protection from harmful particulates, helping to reduce wear and increase service life. Volvo Filters are proven to be the best choice for your Volvo, offering the highest build quality, excellent filtration efficiency, low pressure drops and extra high dirt holding capacity. For optimum productivity and profitability, choose Volvo Filters.
The range includes engine oil filters, engine fuel filters, engine air filters, cabin air filters, hydraulic oil filters and breather filters. More info


By choosing Volvo Lubricants you can rest assured that you are making the best choice for your machine when it comes to optimising performance, uptime, and service intervals. Our lubricants are rigorously tested and fully approved for use in Volvo machines, providing greater protection, increased engine life and optimized service intervals.
Volvo offer an extensive range of lubricants including engine oil, hydraulic oil, axle, and transmission oils. More info


The operation and performance of your Volvo machine relies on the battery. Not only is the battery responsible for starting the machine, but it also powers essential functions such as the lights, instrument panel and on-board computers once it is up and running.
The Volvo range of batteries has been designed and developed to rise to the challenge of even the most demanding environments, providing 25% more starting power and 20% longer service life than non-genuine alternatives- giving the reliability and power you need to succeed. More info


Volvo Hoses have been engineered in combination with the entire hydraulic system and designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability, and durability. Extensively tested and made from the highest quality materials, anything less than a Volvo Hose is simply not good enough for your Volvo.
When a hydraulic hose needs replacing, our Volvo Hose Service is a quick and easy solution whereby hoses are assembled directly in the workshop by Volvo trained and certified technicians, using professional equipment. More info


The fact that 20% of engine failures are attributed to the cooling system highlights the fundamental importance of using the right coolant for your machine. Compatible with all materials used in the cooling system on Volvo machines, our coolants are the proven best choice to secure optimum performance and maximum machine lifetime.
The offer includes Volvo Coolant VCS and Volvo Coolant. More info


Our range of reman parts provide all the quality and performance you would expect from Genuine Volvo Parts, but at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.
A Volvo Reman part has been remanufactured to its original condition, is always up to the latest technical specifications and must meet the same quality standards as a brand-new part offering. Volvo Reman parts offers the same warranty as Genuine Volvo Parts. More info


A high-performing hydraulic system is essential for the productivity and efficiency of your machine. Manufactured using only the highest quality components, Volvo Hydraulic Parts have been specifically designed for your Volvo, ensuring your machine performs to its full potential.
Our range includes pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves. More info


By choosing engine parts from Volvo, you can maintain the renowned levels of reliability, performance, low emissions, and industry leading fuel economy for the entire lifecycle of your machine.
Whether you require a complete engine overhaul, or an individual replacement part, our Engine Parts have been designed to integrate perfectly with your machine and include alternators, starter motors, injectors, and turbo chargers. More info


Keep your machine in top condition and working at its best with a repair kit for drivelines. This multi-level solution can be adapted to fit any repair situation and provides both the parts and recommended best practice for essential repairs for the engine, transmission, and axles.
For both planned and unplanned work, a repair kit for drivelines provides a flexible, a one-stop shop repair solution which provides value for money. More info


Whether electrical parts, which provide the power and reliability for many essential machine functions – or the host of intelligent machine technology powered by the electronics, choosing genuine electrical and electronic parts ensures your Volvo delivers the control, precision, and power you expect.
Designed to work together as one integrated system, only Volvo Electrical and Electronic parts can ensure your Volvo machine performs to its full potential when it comes to productivity, fuel efficiency, operator comfort and safety. More info


They don’t come much better than the Volvo cab – widely regarded as the best operator environment in the industry. Whether you are looking to rebuild, upgrade or replace a single component, our range of cabs and seats will ensure you maintain the first-class operator experience for which Volvo is renowned. More info


Whatever your application, our range of Volvo Ground Engaging Tools means we have a solution to meet your needs. Our ground engaging tools are designed to produce optimum results from your Volvo and are manufactured using the very highest quality and durable materials to guarantee superior performance and wear life.
Our range of ground engaging tools includes the Volvo Tooth System, Endurance Teeth*, segments, bolt-on edges, heavy-duty application components and Volvo Breaker Tools.
*Market availability may differ. More info


Volvo Undercarriage Parts are the best choice for your Volvo excavator when it comes to ensuring maximum levels of uptime, performance, and wear life. Proven to deliver superior performance, reliability, and a longer service life, all our parts are engineered by Volvo and tested to the highest standards.
The range includes rubber tracks, performance, and endurance undercarriage*.
*Market availability may differ. More info


When it’s time to carry out maintenance or repair on your Volvo paver and screed, Volvo Maintenance Kits offer many benefits. These kits, containing only Genuine Volvo Parts allow you to replace only major or visibly worn parts which saves time and maximises part performance and lifetime.
A range of maintenance kits are available for Volvo and Ingersoll Rand pavers, both wheeled and tracked and include paver auger, screed, conveyor drive and filter kits. More info



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